How to search your Mailbox without Opening it

How to search your Mailbox without Opening it

Most popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox allow you to perform Internet searches using your favorite search engine directly from the URL address bar. There is no need any more to first open your browser to your favorite search engine and then type the search keywords, when you can directly do that using the URL address bar. With a rapidly increasing proportion of important Files, links and messages being exchanged using your email account, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to search your Gmail mailbox directly from the address bar of your browser without even having to open your email account?

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and right click anywhere in the URL address bar and click on Edit Search Engines.
  2. Under the Other Search Engines section, add a new search engine with the below values and click on the DONE button.Name: Gmail
    Keyword: gmail

  3. To search your Gmail mailbox directly from the Google Chrome address bar type the keyword Gmail followed by the tab key and you will notice that the Prompt changes. Once this happens you can type any keywords you want to search for in your mailbox and within a few seconds the results will get displayed on the screen just the way they would if you had performed the search after logging into your Gmail account.

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