How to write emails faster

How to write emails faster

One of the reasons why smart phones have become so popular is the fact that most of them come with some predictive text typing technology or the other. Predictive text makes typing faster and easier. Period. This statement is so obvious and factually correct that it is quite surprising then that predictive text technology has remained confined to only smart phones and has not yet made its way to large screen devices like computers and laptops in a big way. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to use predictive text while typing emails even on large screen devices?

  1. Complete for Gmail ( is a free browser extension for Google Chrome browsers that brings predictive text typing technology to Gmail and allows you to type your emails (almost) two times faster than normal. Before you can start using the app you will need to install it in your browser and give it permission to access your Gmail account.

  2. Once installed, the Complete for Gmail app will scan your entire mailbox to learn how you normally type, the type of sentences you use and the kind of words you usually use so that it can build its database and help you type faster. Under normal circumstances it will not take more than a few minutes for the app to complete the learning process.
  3. The next time you are composing an email, Complete for Gmail will automatically give you predictive suggestions (just like the ones you get on your mobile phone) next to your cursor based on your past writing history. To accept a suggestion, press the Tab key or the Enter Key or the Ctrl + Space keys. On the other hand if you don’t want to accept a suggestion, then you can simply ignore the suggestions made by the app and continue typing the email like you normally would.

  4. To type emails faster in Outlook, you can install the Microsoft Outlook App of the Phrase Express application ( which allows you to type commonly typed phrases faster by using abbreviations for them.

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