How to find out if your email has been read

How to find out if your email has been read

Have you ever read emailed somebody and spent time wondering whether they have received your email or not? Have you ever emailed a business client and not heard back from them since your email had somehow gone to their spam folder? Have your colleagues ever tried to shirk work by claiming that they never received your email and hence couldn’t do the required work? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for you to keep track of emails even after they have left your mailbox and find out if they have been read by the recipients or not?

  1. If you are a Gmail or Google App user, then the first step is to install the MailTrack for Gmail browser app in your Google Chrome browser. For the app to work successfully, as part of the installation process you will be asked to give the app the permission to access your Gmail account.
  1. The next time you log into your Gmail account, in the Compose Email window you will notice a new MailTrack button in the bottom menu bar. If you wish to keep track of whether your email has been opened or not, make sure you click on the MailTrack button before sending the email. The MailTrack app will add a special code to the body of your  email which will not be visible to the recipient but will allow the app to track whether the email has been opened or not. Once you have enabled the tracking feature, click on the Send button to send the email to the recipient.
  2. You can track the status of any email that you have sent using MailTrack app by looking at the tick mark that get displayed next to the email in your mailbox. If there is only one tick mark next to an email then it means that while you have successfully sent the email, it has not been read by the intended recipients yet. On the other hand if there is two tick marks net to an email it means that your email has been opened and read by the intended recipients. You can hover your mouse over the tick marks to reveal more details about when the email was read by the recipient.
  3. It is also possible for you to configure the MailTrack app in such a manner that you will receive update emails notifying you about the status of the emails that you wish to track.
  4. On the other hand, if you are using Outlook to access your emails , then you can easily track whether your email has been opened or not by requesting a read recipient for your email. While composing a new email, go to Message Options and enable the Request a read recipient option.

    When the recipient views the email, they will be asked whether they would like to send a read recipient to the sender. If the recipient clicks on the Yes button, only then a read receipt gets sent back to the sender.




















































































































































































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