What is the difference between Git and Mercurial

What is the difference between Git and Mercurial

Major Differences are:

  1. Git and Mercurial are the two most popular Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS).
  2. Mercurial is generally believed to be simpler and easier to learn than Git. In turn, there is often the perception that Git is more flexible and powerful.
  3. Git is faster than Mercurial for network operations.
  4. Git is based on the Unix philosophy of having one application provide one functionality. Git used to consist of 144 executable files that each do a certain job within a Git repository. Originally the user called the different subprograms directly, but now a frontend is used to hide this implementation detail from the user.
  5. Both Git and Mercurial are copyleft open-source projects, using the GPL for most if not all source code. In case of git it is GPLv2 only, while Mercurial uses GPLv2 or later, which gives compatibility with projects licensed under GPLv3 and Apache.
  6. Git is written in C, Bourne shell, and Perl. Mercurial is written in Python and C.
  7. Git provides bidirectional functionality between SVN and Git. (git-svn) Mercurial provides similar functionality via the hgsubversion extension. Mercurial’s hg-git extension allows interoperability between Mercurial and Git.


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